Why Should You Dump Your Old Electronics?

Dump Old Electronics

Our day to day work is totally dependent on electronics. We cannot stand a single day without using any of them. They make our lives easy and comfortable – be it the cool air of air conditioner or the easy cooking of microwave- our daily routine is incomplete without using them.

It’s not necessary that your appliances need to show any kind of signs to remind you that it’s time for its retirement. Sometimes it’s better to replace your old appliances even when it looks that they are working just fine. Upgrading the appliances not only saves energy but it also keeps your home safe.

Let’s understand why we should consider replacing the appliances when they get old:

  • Air conditioner: An old air conditioner uses old technology which now ceases to exist. Dirty filters in the old air conditioner increase the risk of allergies and asthma. If you have an old air conditioner and you have noticed an increase in the respiratory troubles, it’s time that you start blaming your old air conditioner for it. Some old units serve as a breeding site for molds and bacteria which are not only harmful to humans but it will make your pets suffer too. New air conditioners are good in filtering all the dirt particles and pollen, therefore,good for the families where members suffer from respiratory diseases. Other than having health impacts, old units have worn out wiring which can result in short circuits and fires. No matter how efficiently your old unit runs, it will consume more energy than the new models. Installing a new model will decrease your energy bills significantly.
  • Refrigerator: Refrigerator keeps our food fresh all the time preventing the growth of harmful microbes. With the passing time, it loses its efficiency and starts to promote the growth of microbes. Psychrophilic bacteria which cause the illness like sepsis, dysentery, GIT infections and food poisoning grow in the dirty refrigerator. The old refrigerator also consumes more energy.
  • Furnace: Furnace makes the unbearable cold days of winters tolerable. The danger associated with the old furnace is the carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas which if inhaled causes dizziness and nausea. Sometimes gas in your old furnace can leak causing it to explode. If you are feeling sick all the time, it’s time to consider thinking of installing a new one. The old furnace also has old wiring which can cause short circuit and fire. Discuss things with your Electrician Lynnwood who can help you with your old furnace trouble.
  • Microwave: Radiation leakage is the biggest threat with the old microwave. Microwave radiations are harmful and cause headaches, dizziness, impaired cognition and depression in healthy individuals. Radiation leakage also damages your eyes and can cause cataract. The biggest problem of the microwave is that its radiation will leak and you won’t even notice it. The best way to find out if your microwave leaks, is through your phone. Keep your phone in the microwave and close the door. Now ring it from another phone. If it rings it simply means that your microwave is leaking.
  • Hair dryers: Old hair dryers contain asbestos which remains in the air for prolonged duration and causes respiratory illnesses. A small particle of asbestos can easily reach deep in the lungs causing the disease named asbestosis or fibrotic lung. Asbestosis also changes the lining of the pleura of the lungs.

When your old appliances are in working condition, replacing them would seem unnecessary, but keep on using them is not in your best interest. You will lose your saving due to the high utility bills and their health impacts will also raise your medical expenditure.


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