Reasons For High Water Bill

High Water Bill Reasons

​Not only just high water bills cost you lots of money, it can specify a noteworthy waste of one among our most valuable resources. Therefore, when your water bills are high, it is natural to wish to track down their cause and fix it as quickly as probable.

With this in our mind, here are some common reasons for high water bills, and what can you do about them:

Running/Leaky Toilets

Toilets account for about 26.7 percent of indoor water usage for the average house. This makes toilets biggest source of interior water use.

A leaky or running toilet can waste nearly 200 gallons water in single day, or about 1,400 gallons water every week.

In most of the cases, these leakages will be due to faulty flapper in toilet tank. It’s a quite simple fix that needs a short trip only to your local house hardware/improvement store and some minutes.

Leaky Fixtures & Faucets

Leaky fixtures and faucets are all-too-common causes of high water bill. The heavier is the leakage, the more water will get wasted, and higher your water bills will be. Thankfully, this is an issue that is simple to spot and repair.

A straightforward visual check of the shower heads, faucets, and similar other fixtures is what it takes to recognize a leak at fixture.

The most popular cause of faucet leakage is a defective rubber washer in faucets handle. In most of the cases, you could shut off water to leaky faucet, remove bad washer, unscrew the handle, and replace it by a new one.

Irrigation Leakage

Not all leakages happen indoors. If you’ve an irrigation system out there for your landscaping, loose joint or a line crack could enable water to leak when irrigation system is turned off.

Finding such leaks can be quite tricky, particularly if lines for irrigation system are out of sight.In order to spot such leaks, you might need to check the landscaping/lawn for strangely damp areas or patches of grass which are more lush green than their surroundings. But, these signs of leakage are similar to signs of a leakage in the lateral line.

​To repair this type of leak, you might need to consult an expert plumber to find out the location of leak and to replace or fix the affected irrigation line.

Lateral Line Leakage

In a few cases, one among underground pipes feeding the water from metered connections to your house may have a loose or crack joint. The cause of these leaks differ, but things like pipe age, tree root intrusion, seismic activity, and animal activity often are contributing factors.

This issue, while similar to irrigation leakage, is much more severe usually.

When attempting to tell if leakage is in lateral line or irrigation line water supply pipes, the amount of additional water consumption noted onto your utility bills can serve as a sign.

For such leaks, the most excellent solution is to call a professional. An expert Plumber Lynnwood can recommend the finest solution for the issue—like traditional trench and replace, pipe bursting or trenchless pipe lining.

Old, Outdated Fixtures And Toilets

Many houses have a very long history connected to them, and likewise older plumbing fixtures.

In the recent years, there are many efficiency improvements that were made to the common water fixtures, like new-modelled aerators for faucets, water-saving shower head and lower-flow water-saving toilet.

This hardly shows up as sudden problem—it is generally something which comes with the home and make you pay high water bill from day one itself.

Check your house’s showerheads, faucets, toilets, and other water-utilizing equipment for the WaterSense labelling, and date of manufacture. Whenever buying a new house, ask the real estate agent or owner how old are the plumbing fixtures.


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