How To Select The Correct Heating System For Your Home?

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Temperatures can change drastically. But, without any doubt it gets chilly about everywhere and anywhere during winter. With the chill comes the needs to heat your house, and it could be hard to select the right type of heating system for your house’s individual requirements. But it does not need to be in this way. When the winter comes around, then it is worth doing a little research with some professional help by Heating Lynnwood in finding the most efficient and economical method to heat your house – what kind of heating is the best and how can you save your money?


There are three key types of heaters available; electric heater, gas heater and reverse-cycle ACs. Each have their pros and cons.

Electric heater

These are usually portable and are very cheap to buy. It’s best to not use them in big spaces or for a long time periods o, but they work very well in sitting and bedrooms by your feet whenever you are cold on couch. Bar heaters tend to be great for the bathrooms, as heat is instant and direct, however there’s no thermostat therefore you’ll have to use switch or timer for this substitute.

There also are fan heaters that heat the air, instead of your body. The convector heaters make heated air to naturally rise, so they aren’t recommended for the rooms with higher ceilings. The vital thing to keep in mind with electrical heaters is either to buy one which has a timer or a thermostat, so it could be regulated to lower your costs effectively.

Gas heater

The key with the gas heaters is you should have gas outlet for plugging them into, which counts on having gas option within your building or area. However, they are extremely efficient and great value for wealth. They’re excellent for heating mid-sized spaces, and exceptionally are fast to heat up area too.

Reverse cycle air conditioners

While more costly to buy outright than small electric heaters, the reverse cycle air conditioner is very efficient for heating any space efficiently and quickly, for quite little power use. They’re outstanding for use in bigger spaces, for instance an open-plan area.

Certainly, there are some other options also available. Wood burning stove and fireplace look beautiful and offer a very cosy feel to room, particularly on cold winter nights. Wood is available everywhere generally so you’ll have warmth always, and this can really prove very economical. But there also are challenges linked with this specific option, with gas being generated making installation costly, as smoke can lead to pollution in the home, making upkeep and maintenance tricky.


Certainly, making sure that your house is warm and cosy isn’t only about popping on the heater. There is no point using that gas or electricity to warm an area up if there’s air escaping through the gaps.

The very first step to ensuring that your house is retaining the heat is to make sure that your insulation is always up to scratch. Plainly speaking, insulation offer resistance to the heat flow, and more this occurs, lower your heating costs will be.

So, check all doors (external and internal) and all the windows for their seal. Make sure that all gaps are fully patched, and for the internal doors, consider buying some door snakes to make sure that the warm air does not escape, and cool air does not come in.


  • Does room need a heater really, or are there many other ways in which you can ensure that room is hot? Is it cold only because there are some draughts coming through opening in the windows and doors?
  • How many of the rooms should be heated, and could they be zoned instead of heated all together? This means that you will use space heaters instead of a ducted system via the whole home.
  • How large are the rooms? Can an electric heater perform the trick for you or is it larger space so you need gas?


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